In April 2011, Amherstburg Land Holdings Ltd. acquired the former General Chemical property in Amherstburg, Ontario. Our ongoing commitment is to remediate the site so that it can be redeveloped as an industrial property that will provide long-term benefits for our community. To this end, our first step was to work with the Ministry of Environment to develop plans to demolish the unused buildings and remediate the property. We have met with the Ministry of Environment, retained consultants, and developed a Ministry-approved approach for each of the key activities: demolition of the unused buildings and structures on the former General Chemical manufacturing lands, remediation of the former manufacturing lands, and closing of the soda ash settling basin. The restoration of this property is a complex project that will take time, and we are continuing to move forward towards our goal.

This website is one way in which we will keep you informed about this project. It will be periodically updated as the work is conducted.